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Club Guidelines and Rules



Membership and Participation

  1. To join the PGWGC 18-hole group, a player's Course Handicap must be 40 or lower.
  2. Members are expected to attend at least one of the three General Meetings. The Board has final review on all memberships.
  3. A Social membership is given to longstanding former members who are no longer able to play golf. Social members do not enjoy voting rights or count for the quorum.
  4. Club members are expected to serve as a Tournament Chair for one month or as a starter/scorer for 2 weeks.  Priority for filling these slots is given to non-Board members.
  5. Members are also required to volunteer on a committee, or a special event, or as a Board member.

Wednesday Play Days

  1. Players shall sign up in advance on the club's sign up forms or by contacting the Pro Shop by 7:15 AM on the play day.
  2. Players who need to cancel must do so by calling the Pro Shop no later than 7:15 AM on play days.
  3. On the day of play, players must be signed in prior to 8 AM. Those coming late may have to follow the field and not be eligible for sweeps or field games.
  4. Tournament Chair designates teams & tee assignments.
  5. Teams will keep two scorecards and have two separate scorers. Scorecards will have the name of all players, be accurate and be signed and attested by the scorers. Scorecards that are incorrect, illegible or lack proper signatures risk being disqualified from the tournament results.
  6. A rain call will be made before 7:15 AM. Players will be notified by email or can call the pro shop.
  7. Tied scores share the designated placement and winnings.

Tournaments & Events

  1. PGWGC Play Day games are regular tournament games played January through October. (Play Games are defined as any game where everyone is playing under the same conditions and rules.) Awards are given at the end of the year for lowest average putts, most chip-ins, and most/earliest achieved net birdies scores.
  2. PGWGC major events are One or more designated Guest Days and our "Pass the Cleat" competition with the LaGuna Seca Women's Group. There will be no play day games during these events.
  3. Our major member-only Club Championship/Ace of Aces tournament is scored as a "C" (Competition).  Players in the Club Championship and Ace of Aces tournament are eligible for play day games.

Handicapping and Posting

All members will post play day scores into the GHIN system to maintain an accurate Handicap Index. Players are asked to post their adjusted scores within 24 hours of completing play. You must post a score if at least seven holes are played. If seven to twelve holes are played, post your nine hole score. If 13 or more holes are played, post an eighteen hole score.

The maximum score you can post for a hole is a double bogey (par + 2) PLUS the number of pops (points) you are allotted based on your current handicap. For example, if your handicap means that you get 2 pops for a particular par 5 hole, the maximum score you can post for that hole is 5+2+2 (9). A worksheet showing the number of points to add for each hole based on your handicap will be provided. Note that players may only play to a maximum handicap of 40 unless specified by the Tournament Chair for a particular game played.

Important – You must still submit your actual per hole scores for purposes of the club’s play day games.

The player who “picks up” is not eligible for play day games that day, nor would any chip-in count.

PGWGC Local Rules

The following rules apply only to PGWGC play dates and events. These are in addition to USGA rules and local rules established by the course.

IMPORTANT: if there is a rule question or dispute during play, it is NOT to be resolved among the play date group…it is to be brought to the rules chair for resolution.

Playing Through
It is polite to let faster players play through most times we play individually, but not during our PGWGC play days. On our playdays, all our threesomes and foursomes play as a group. This means that we don’t let any players outside our group play through.

At the player's option, animal/bird dung may be treated as ground under repair for which free relief is allowed. Mark your ball. Then, from nearest point of relief, drop ball straight down from knee height. Please note: This is only applicable if ball is actually ON the animal/bird dung.

Immovable Obstructions CLOSE to the Putting Green (sprinkler heads, etc.) in the closely mown fringe.
Relief from interference by an immovable obstruction may be taken uner rule 16.1b. This is only applicable if your ball is WITHIN TWO CLUB LENGTHS of the green AND WITHIN TWO CLUB LENGTHS of the immovable obstruction and the obstruction intervenes on your line of play. You may take relief as follows without penalty: The ball must be lifted and dropped at the nearest point to where the ball lay that is (a) not nearer the hole (b) avoids intervention, and (c) is not in a hazard or on a putting green. The ball may be cleaned when lifted.

Tree Roots
Free relief (one club length, no closer to the hole) may be taken from exposed tree roots, through closely mown part of the general area, only on holes 7 & 8.If your ball is on an exposed tree root elsewhere on the golf course, you may, under a one-stroke penalty, declare the ball unplayable and proceed accordingly.

Winter Rules
Winter Rules address unfavorable course conditions such as a very wet course during or after a significant prolonged rainfall.

The Tournament Chair, at her sole discretion, determines whether or not to declare that Winter Rules are in effect on a given play date. Winter Rules may apply to all or to just specific holes. Furthermore, Winter Rules only apply if the Tournament Chair communicates this decision BEFORE play by posting a written notice to that effect on our sign up table.

PGWGC Winter Rules are as follows:

  • If your ball lies on a closely mown part of the general area, you can lift, clean and place it without penalty. 
  • Before lifting the ball, player MUST first mark its position, then clean and place ball on a spot within one club length of and not nearer the hole than where it originally lay.  The ball may be placed only once and is then in play.
  • Failure to mark the ball before lifting it incurs a one-stroke penalty.
  • Even when winter rules are declared, a player can choose to play the ball as it lies. It is important to the integrity of the game to only “lift, clean and place” when absolutely necessary. Note that when winter rules do not apply you are NOT permitted to clean your ball.
Hitting Overhead Wires
On Holes #16 and 18. - If your ball strikes the overhead wires on these holes, stroke MUST be replayed. No penalty.
OB Clarification
Your ball is O.B. on holes 12 and 13 if you hit your ball past the O.B. markers dividing those holes.
Lost Ball/Out of Bounds options
1. Stroke & Distance. One Stroke Penalty. See Rule 18 in the Player's Edition of the Rules of Golf for full details. or…
2. Provisional Ball. One Stroke Penalty. See Rule 18.3 for full details.
3. PGWGC has adopted the OPTIONAL Local Rule (E-5) offered by the USGA as a means of saving time on the golf course. For a TWO STROKE Penalty, you can drop the ball in a relief area at a point where the ball went O.B. or was lost AND in a line from the hole through that point. No nearer the hole and in the general area. This Optional Local Rule will not be used in important competitions and the Tournament Chair will post a notice on the table when that applies.