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Pacific Grove Women's Golf Club

Club Calendar and Games

See our Club Calendar for a summary of this year’s play dates and other events.

Annual Play Date Competitions

  • Eclectic: A special fee, which must be received by March 1, is collected for this competition.  For 10 monthly-designated play dates, January through October, players who elect to participate, record their gross scores and their handicap on a special scorecard.  No minimum number of rounds is required to participate.  Please note that one's handicap at the time of the Eclectic play date is used to calculate final eclectic scores.  Therefore, it is important for each participant to record their handicap when entering one's eclectic scores.  Months, where the handicap has not been recorded, will not be included in the final calculations, which could adversely impact one's standings in this competition.
  • Net Birdies: As players achieve a net birdie on a hole for the first time during the year that date is recorded. The goal is to achieve net birdies on all 18 holes as early in the year as possible.
  • Low Putts: Using each player lowest 10 total putts, average total putts are calculated; the player with the lowest average putts is the winner.


Major Tournaments:

Pass the Cleat:  This is an annual, one round, inter-club completion played in alternating turns at the Laguna Seca golf club or at our course. A team best ball format is used.

Club Championship: All members who meet the general Tournament criteria for our Club are considered for recognition as our Club Champion. The three lowest gross scores for each player are totaled for the season. Scores for each of the rounds played during the season are included in the calculations. The member with the lowest total three-round score is honored as our Club Champion. The Club Captain maintains the records and posts them at least quarterly.

Ace of Aces  Each month, from January through October, an Ace of Aces monthly competition is held and the player with the lowest gross score plus the player with the lowest net score for the month become candidates for the annual Ace of Aces championship. A player can only qualify once; a runner-up is declared the monthly winner in the event that the lowest scores were achieved by a player who had qualified in a previous month. All monthly candidates who also meet the general Tournament criteria for our Club are eligible to play in the Ace of Aces Championship. Players competing in this end of year tournament will determine both a Low Gross Champion and a Low Net Champion. Monthly winners in the low gross category will compete for recognition as the Low Gross Champion by achieving the lowest gross score for the tournament. Similarly, monthly winners in the low net category will compete to determine the Low Net Champion by scoring the lowest net score for the tournament.


Play Day Games

5's and 4's: Only holes one through five and holes fifteen through eighteen counts. Total the gross score on those holes and deduct half of the handicap for a final score.
5 or 6 EASY PIECES: Pick 5 or 6 golf clubs from your bag -which become the only clubs you can use the entire round. Leave the rest of your clubs in your car. Strategy is important! The game helps you think about managing your way around the golf course and being creative with your golf shots.
ACES WILD: Subtract one stroke from the total net score for each 1-putt or chip-in.
ALTERNATE SHOT: You and your partner hit every other ball on each hole. One will drive on odd-numbered hole, the other on even numbered holes. No posting.
ANY NINE MIXED: Out of 18 holes, select nine of your best scores on any of the holes. Total the gross scores on those nine holes and deduct half of handicap for final score.
BEAT THE PRO: The player’s net score competes against the Pro’s scratch score. All players who beat the Pro split the sweeps monies.
BETTER BALL OF PARTNER: Record all gross scores for handicap posting. Record the lowest net score between you and your partner as your team's score. Add up the team score.
BLIND 9: Nine holes are selected by the tournament chair in a blind draw. Total the gross score on those holes and deduct half of the handicap for a final score.
CHA CHA CHA: 1 best net score is used for Par 5’s, 2 best net scores are used on Par 4’s and 3 best net scores are used for all Par 3’s. Total these net scores.
CRIER’S COMPETITION: Change three scores to par; deduct full handicap for the game score.
CROSS COUNTRY: Choose hole #1 or hole #10, hole #2 or hole #11, etc. Total the nine holes chosen and deduct 1/2 handicap.
GRAVEYARD:  Add your handicap to par for the course. When you reach that number of shots, plant your "grave"marker and finish the round. Person whose marker is closest to finishing 18 wins (i.e. the person who plays the most holes before placing the graveyard marker).
MUTT AND JEFF: Only the 5 longest holes and the 5 shortest holes count. (holes 1 ,2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 17) Total the gross score on those holes and deduct half of the handicap for a final score.
NET: Score each hole with the gross number (Medal Play) of strokes. Subtract full handicap from total score to determine net score.
ONES: Record every hole. Total scores for holes; 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 16, 17, 18. Deduct 1/2 handicap. Total all holes to post.
PARTNER RELAY: One player takes the front nine, the other takes the back (choice can be made after play ends). Deduct handicap average from the combined score.
RAINBOW: Registered players are asked in advance to wear something of a specific color. Foursomes are organized so that each includes one of 4 different color assignments. The total net score of all players wearing the same color rather than that of the assigned foursomes determines who wins and places.
S's & T's: Record every hole.  Total scores for holes (2-3-6-7-10-12-13-16-17) and deduct 1/2 handicap.
SCOTCH TWOSOME (OR FOURSOME): All players tee off on hole #1. The best drive is chosen and the player whose drive was chosen, hits the next shot. Each player hits alternative shots until you hole out on the green. The team member who did not putt out, drives the ball on the next hole. (For Foursomes, play rotates among all 4 players) The average handicap of the players is used to calculate the net score.
SCRAMBLE: Two or four golfers play as a team.  Each player tees off and the team selects the best shot.  Players then take their next shots from there.  This continues until a ball is sunk. When playing with 3 players, an extra shot is taken each time by one of the players. Who gets the extra shot rotates among the players.
SCRATCH THREE: At the conclusion of play, each player may throw out the scores of three holes. Full handicaps are then subtracted from the total of the 15 remaining holes.
SELECT NINE: Before play, player must select which nine to count - front or back. Deduct 1/2 the handicap for the game score.
SPECIAL BALL: Each foursome will receive a special ball. On each hole, one player in each foursome is designated the "Special Lady" and will play with the special ball. That designation rotates throughout the round. The team score for each hole will be the score of the player designated the Special Lady, plus the lowest score of the other three players on the team.
STABLEFORD: Using the players net score for each hole, record points for each hole score as follows: 5-double eagle, 4-eagle, 3-birdie, 2-par, 1-bogie. Total the points.
TCC: Tournament Chair’s Choice, TBA
T’s & F’s: Record every hole. Total scores for holes (2-3-4-5-10-12-13-14-15) and deduct 1/2 handicap.
TEAM LOW PUTTS: Add up all the putts recorded for your group and divide that number by the number of players in your group. All members of the group are included in the winnings. 
THREE BLIND HOLES: Three blind holes will be drawn after players tee off. Scores from those three holes will be deleted from total score. Use full handicap.
THROW OUT ONE HOLE: Do not count the highest one-hole score. Add up the remaining holes and deduct the full handicap.
THROW OUT THREE: Do not count the highest score on one par 5, one par 4, and one par 3 hole. Add up the remaining holes and deduct the full handicap.
TRIPLE THREE:  Total your best (3) par 3s, par 4s, and par 5 hole scores.  Apply 1/2 your handicap.
TWO BEST BALLS OF FOURSOME: Choose the best net scores of the foursome on each hole and total those 18 holes for the score for the foursome. Total all holes to post.
WHITE OUT: Play from the white tees


Other Awards

Breakthrough Awards:  An Award pin is given to club members the first time they score lower than 100 or 90 or 80.

Spirit of Golf Award: The person who contributes time to our club: volunteers, helps, advises, abides by “The Rules of Golf”, is a positive influence on our club and our members, and  strives for these core values (taken from “The First Tee”): honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect for others, courtesy, responsibility and perseverance.

Most Improved Golfer: Determined by the USGA handicap formula. To qualify, a member’s home club must be PGWGC and she must have played at least 15 eighteen-hole rounds on club playdays between January 1 and October 31.

Other Tournaments and Games


This is a fun way to play other local courses. To enter you must sign up with our club PWGA representative by published event registration deadline. The entry fee and green fee must be paid when you sign up.

Your club’s PWGA representative keeps you informed about upcoming tournaments, and posts the tournament schedule on the club bulletin board. This information is also available on the PWGA web site.

Hole-in-one insurance is available for $5.00, payable to the Treasurer. It is customary for the person who has a hole-in-one to buy drinks “for the house”. The insurance covers the cost.  An additional insurance payment is collected after each hole-in-one play day event.

Par 3 – Birdie Winnings:  This is an optional side game.  If you choose to participate, the first time you achieve a play day birdie on a part 3 hole you pay each of your group one dollar. After that, any time you achieve a play day birdie on a part 3 hole, each of your group who is participating in this option pays you one dollar.

Bucks and Does: Bucks and Does is a mixed couples tournament held on the last Thursday of each month, with some exceptions (holidays, etc).  Information and a Sign up sheet is in a binder in the Club House near the computer. Play is by USGA rules.

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